Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring
This is the newest look to hit the Bamboo Flooring industry!  Manufactured by taking strands (small strips) of bamboo and fusing them together using heat, pressure and a EU1 rated glue creating a new version of bamboo flooring. This is a true environmentally friendly floor since nothing is wasted in this manufacturing process. Another benefit of the strand woven bamboo flooring is the fact that the coloration runs completely through the entire floor. It’s one solid piece of bamboo so if it were to chip, you would most likely no notice it as much as another type of flooring. Strand Bamboo is a floor that is even harder and denser than traditional bamboo flooring, with a grain more similar to hardwood flooring. Compared with the traditional bamboo flooring it is higher in density, stability, and hardness which is around 3000 on the (Janka) rating scale vs 1260 for traditional bamboo, maple, or oak flooring.

The end result is a beautiful bamboo floor that has a wood flooring appearance and is also extremely durable. A lot of new looks come and go but this one is sure to be a winner with builders, decorators and homeowners alike.

Floating Installation Proceedure
Our recommended first choice method for installing strand woven bamboo over cement, radiant heating systems, or a plywood sub floor is the floating method. If you have a cement slab or old wood flooring and want to install new flooring on top floating is the way to go. The floor is installed on a pad that sits on the subfloor and is glued together in the tongue and groove with a wood workers glue such as "Tite Bond II " This is available at most home improvement centers. Here are pictures of the process link

Glue Down Installation Proceedure
Gluing down your bamboo floor is only advised if your subfloor has been properly tested for moisture, prepared, and or moisture sealed. A minimum of 1/4" expansion from each wall in room is required. We recommend the use of Bostik's Best Wood Flooring Adhesive for glue down application. Follow Bostik's directions for trowel size etc.  Be certain that wood flooring glue, and if used, the moisture barrier/sealant are compatible with each other. Bostik's Best Glue and the MVP system for moisture protection. Link to Bostik Glue Website.

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